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Monday, May 21, 2007

Ban The Bulb : Campaign Archive
I hope that some of you will find Ban The Bulb's campaign archive of interest and use.

The Problem... (Feb 05)

Some important facts... (Feb 05)

BBC News Online Green Room Light bulbs: Not such a bright idea (Feb 06)

Suppliers of cheap CFLs (Feb 06)

Ban The Bulb campaign proposals (Feb 06)

BBC News Online Green Room Shedding light on call to ban bulb (April 06)

House of Commons : Early Day Motion (July 06)

BBC News Online Green Room Where have all the leaders gone? (Oct 06)

Making the switch (Oct 06)

City council energy audits (Oct 06)

Tax using wattage x lifetime (Nov 06)

Hansard : Written Answer (Nov 06)

EDM : cross party support (Nov 06)

No. 10 petition (Nov 06)

Recent letters to BTB (Dec 06)

Wal Mart improve CFL marketing (Jan 07)

No. 10 : petition : 0% or 5% VAT (Jan 07)

California : Ban The Bulb by 2012? (Feb 07)

DEFRA : Effects of fiscal measures (Feb 07)

Supermarkets competing to be green (Feb 07)

Philips : phasing out indandescents? (Feb 07)

Australia : Light bulb ban by 2010? (Feb 07)

Ontario in Canada: consider bulb ban (Feb 07)

Why not ban incandescents in UK + EU? (Feb 07)

Ban The Bulb : new logo (Feb 07)

No. 10 : VAT on energy saving goods (Feb 07)

EU light bulb ban possible? (Mar 07)

EU : Light bulb ban by 2010 (Mar 07)

Ban The Bulb : History of the campaign (Mar 07)

Currys ban incandescent light bulbs (Mar 07)

EU : Ban not guaranteed (Mar 07)

EU : Lamp companies help governments (Mar 07)

Import duty on Chinese CFLs (Apr 07)

Green MEP tables Written Declaration (Apr 07)

Ban The Bulb investigates EU plans (Apr 07)

Ontario : Ban, free CFLs + procurement (Apr 07)

Villagers replace every light bulb (May 07)

Lester Brown's Plan B (May 07)

US senators propose light bulb ban (May 07)

Greenpeace India : Ban The Bulb! petition (May 07)

Greenpeace launch energy efficiency campaign (June 07)

EU light bulb manufacturers back phase out (8 yrs) (June 07)

BBC News Online Green Room Sex sells, but at what cost? (Oct 06)

Ban The Bulb on Facebook (July 07)

EU to lift 66% trade tariffs on Chinese light bulbs
(July 07)

The Guardian Ethical Living Light bulb review (Aug 07)

The Guardian : Light bulb review (Aug 07)

EU import tariff on Chinese CFLs extended (Aug 07)

China and the US moving towards light bulb bans? (Sept 07)

The Guardian Climate Blog Ban The Bulb? (Sept 07)

UK starts phase out of 150W, 100W, 60W light bulbs (Sept 07)

US Senate Bill to ban light bulbs introduced (Oct 07)

China + GEF plan to phase out incandescents (Oct 07)

Greenpeace launch (an unaffiliated) ban the bulb campaign (Oct 07)

Greenpeace Ireland launch "Ban The Bulb Day" and viral marketing (Dec 07)

President Bush announces plan to phase out incandescents (Dec 07)

UK plans to phase out 150W, 100W, 60W: update (Jan 08)

Letter to Editor of The Guardian: Lionel Shriver column (Jan 08)

Migraines, rashes, peer-reviewed science? (Jan 08)

The Sun: light bulb distribution project a big success (Jan 08)

China: co-ordinated efforts to make cfls 90% cheaper (Jan 08)

EU considers VAT cut on energy saving light bulbs (June 08)

HPA: Precautionary Advice for users of unencapsulated CFLs (Oct 08)

European Commission: Position from Ban The Bulb (Nov 08)

BBC News Online
Green Room No time to dim efficiency ambitions (Nov 08)

LED replacements for long fluorescent tubes (Nov 08)

EU light bulb ban imminent... but how ambitious (Dec 08)

GE stops incandescent development, LEDs the future (Dec 08)

EU negotiations... the latest news (Dec 08)

Disappointingly weak EU light bulb ban (Dec 08)

Free bulbs switch on Ethiopians (Dec 08)

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