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Monday, May 21, 2007

Ban The Bulb : Campaign Archive
I hope that some of you will find Ban The Bulb's campaign archive of interest and use.

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Wal Mart improve CFL marketing (Jan 07)

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DEFRA : Effects of fiscal measures (Feb 07)

Supermarkets competing to be green (Feb 07)

Philips : phasing out indandescents? (Feb 07)

Australia : Light bulb ban by 2010? (Feb 07)

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Import duty on Chinese CFLs (Apr 07)

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Villagers replace every light bulb (May 07)

Lester Brown's Plan B (May 07)

US senators propose light bulb ban (May 07)

Greenpeace India : Ban The Bulb! petition (May 07)

Greenpeace launch energy efficiency campaign (June 07)

EU light bulb manufacturers back phase out (8 yrs) (June 07)

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EU to lift 66% trade tariffs on Chinese light bulbs
(July 07)

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Greenpeace Ireland launch "Ban The Bulb Day" and viral marketing (Dec 07)

President Bush announces plan to phase out incandescents (Dec 07)

UK plans to phase out 150W, 100W, 60W: update (Jan 08)

Letter to Editor of The Guardian: Lionel Shriver column (Jan 08)

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BBC News Online
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EU negotiations... the latest news (Dec 08)

Disappointingly weak EU light bulb ban (Dec 08)

Free bulbs switch on Ethiopians (Dec 08)

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Greenpeace India set up a Ban The Bulb petition
Greenpeace India have set up a Ban The Bulb petition.

Their petition to Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Minister of Power in India, says the following:

Dear Minister,

You're aware that climate change is the biggest environmental threat India is facing.

Burning coal to generate electricity is leading to increase in global temperatures, changing monsoon patterns, faster melting of Himalayan glaciers and rising sea levels. India will be one of the worst affected countries. Large parts of India's coastal cities like Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai will be submerged, while agriculture and fisheries production will decrease, and vector-borne diseases such as dengue will become commonplace.

We only have a few more years before climate change reaches the point of no return. Every day, India uses 18,000 MW of electricity for lighting; most of it is wasted by the use of inefficient ordinary light bulbs. To reduce CO2 emissions, India must become more energy efficient.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps use only 20% of the energy used by an ordinary light bulb. By replacing all ordinary light bulbs with CFLs, we can reduce India's CO2 emissions by 55 million tonnes.

You have the power and responsibility to bring about this change by announcing a total ban on incandescent light bulbs by 2010, and to make CFLs more readily accessible to the common man.

As a supporter of Greenpeace’s campaign, I urge you to do the right thing not just for my generation, but for future ones as well.

Please go here if you would like to sign the Ban The Bulb! petition

Ban The Bulb wishes Greenpeace India well with their petition and hopes that a light bulb ban will be forthcoming in India.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

US senators propose a light bulb ban
Antony Froggatt has passed on the following news from the US, where 3 senators are proposing a domestic incandescent light bulb ban. A lot seems to be happening on this front in the US and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

South Carolina is attempting to follow the lead of Australia and the European Union by enforcing the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Three senators proposed legislation that would ban the selling of traditional incandescent light bulbs after 2017, the Tribune Regional News reported.

State Sens. John Drummond, Phil Leventis and Vincent Sheheen would ban the bulbs in an attempt to reduce electricity usage and carbon dioxide emissions, though the measure is causing debate.

"I don't think the government has any business telling us what kind of light bulb to use," said state Rep. Phillip Lowe.

There's another bill on the table that caused a little less opposition. It would require people to replace their burnt-out incandescent bulbs with CFLs as they need new bulbs.

Other U.S. states are also considering similar legislation. In New Jersey, there's a bill to replace all the bulbs in government buildings, and similar proposals have been introduced in California, Connecticut, North Carolina and Rhode Island.

CFLs cost a little more but last longer and are more efficient. But issues of disposal have yet to be worked out. The CFLs have traces of mercury in them.

Unfortunately none of the attention grabbing proposals to ban incandescents, made anywhere in the world, have yet made it into binding legislation and there is a danger that light bulb bans have been announced in order to silence critics rather than drive meaningful change.

Places such Australia, Canada, California and the EU have all announced light bulb bans, to great applause, but none have said how their bans will be implemented.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Lester Brown's new Plan B 2.0 book backs bulb ban
Lester Brown, a world-leading environmental guru and President of the Earth Policy Institute in the US, has just written a book called Plan B 2.0 which picks up on the Ban The Bulb campaign.

Lester states that...

"Switching light bulbs is an easy way of realizing large, immediate gains in energy efficiency. A study for the U.S. government calculated that the gasoline equivalent of the energy saved over the lifetime of one 24-watt compact fluorescent bulb is sufficient to drive a Prius from New York to San Francisco."

BTB welcomes Lester's support for the Ban The Bulb campaign and hopes that he'll succeed in getting the US to think more seriously about the merits of banning domestic incandescent light bulbs.

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Villagers replace all of their incandescents with CFLs
My thanks to Antony Froggatt for passing on the following news...

A remote moorland village in Staffordshire has become the first community in the UK to replace all its incandescent light bulbs with new energy efficient ones.

Residents of the 30 houses in Ilam, in the Peak District, decided to make the switch in the hope of reducing the village's carbon emissions by around four tonnes a year.

The move came about after a group of bell ringers raised the idea of reinstating an old water turbine as a green source of energy for the village. A local environmental charity, the Marches Energy Agency, suggested taking a broader approach.

Robin Tidman, from the agency, said: "Through experience we have successfully developed our own approach to creating low-carbon communities and so we can help villages like Ilam play their part in tackling climate change.

"We started by working out the carbon footprint - how much energy was being used in Ilam - to check on how much energy was being wasted. The banishment of incandescent bulbs years ahead of the recently announced European Union target is a fantastic achievement for Ilam."

The Government plans to phase out old-fashioned light bulbs in favour of new energy-saving versions by 2011. Funding for the 600 new energy efficient light bulbs was provided by Staffordshire County Council along with the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and the Peak District National Park.

Why not see if your village or community can follow Ilam's example?

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