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Friday, August 29, 2014

Guest Blog by Hazel Deller : Intelligent Lighting – How Will It Benefit You?
Intelligent Lighting – How Will It Benefit You?

The next big trend in light looks like it’s going to be intelligent lighting, but how could it benefit you?

The term intelligent lighting refers to automated Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting systems that turn on and off or dim when you leave the room, or are controlled via a smart phone app. These nifty little LEDs could spark a revolution in conventional lighting, as they boast excellent energy saving potential.

One big advantage of intelligent lighting is that LEDS can be dimmed in a way that ensures you’re actually using less energy, unlike traditional dimmer switches, which simply convert light into extra heat when they force incandescent light bulbs to dim. Although more expensive to buy, due to their added technological sophistication, LED bulbs are already extremely cheap to run. LEDs require 9 times less electricity to produce the same amount of light as their incandescent light bulb equivalents and last 10 – 20 times longer and so over their lifetime have the potential to generate considerable cost savings.

Aside from the obvious energy and money saving benefits, there are other important features to these smart little LEDs.

·      A safer house

By allowing you to turn lights on and off remotely intelligent lighting lets you control your lights when you are on holiday and create the impression with potential burglars that you are at home. They can also turn on lights that make it easier to see your keys and illuminate dark corners near your entrances.

·      An inviting atmosphere for guests

Set the mood when you next hold a gathering. Not only does intelligent lighting provide a good party trick, it also means you can make subtle changes to the atmosphere and create a warmer ambiance.

·      A helping hand with the little ones

Sending children to bed can often feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Just when you think they’ve nodded off they decide they need a drink, or the toilet, or a story, or they need you to check under the bed… the list is truly endless.

By using your app you can send them to bed with their light on, slowly dimming, letting them gently drift off to bed naturally. Instead of leaving their night light on and wasting electricity all night (or worse sneaking in to switch it off and waking them up), you now have the ability to work some lighting magic and cut down the hassle of bed time.

This revolutionary technology has both its practical uses and interior design capabilities. We’re constantly being reminded how important it is to save energy, yet many of us struggle to see a positive impact overall on our lives. New intelligent lighting gives us the power to save, but also offers us practical uses beyond that. Not only is this a great step for interior design projects, it’s a giant leap for reducing energy usage.

Hazel Deller writes for Love Energy Savings. A business that help owners to improve their profits by reducing their day to day outgoings, saving them valuable time in the process of comparing and switching suppliers.