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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

UK rejects call to include light bulb ban in EU renegotiations
According to, Energy Minister Greg Barker has resisted laws to tinker with the laws that have successfully led to a transformation of the domestic lighting industry. Tthe EU phase out of domestic incandescent light bulbs has now been law for a few years and accelerated the introduction a range of new energy efficient lighting technologies (using up to 90% less electricity) which offer good and controllable light as well as falling prices... The Ban The Bulb energy efficiency campaign is glad to see this law being defended as a way of cutting energy use and driving technological innovation.

Energy minister Gregory Barker has rejected a call for the UK to be exempted from the EU’s ban on incandescent lamps.
During a debate in the House of Commons yesterday, David Nuttall, Conservative MP for Bury North in Greater Manchester, said the UK needed a “complete exemption” from the European ban, which has seen a gradual phase out of inefficient incandescents from the market since 2009.
Nuttall said the exemption would form part of the renegotiation of the UK’s EU membership. He said the UK should be given back “the right to be able to use whatever light bulbs we want – without being told what to do by the EU”.
But the energy minister defended the ban: “By having energy-efficient light bulbs, we are driving innovation and driving down people’s electricity bills. We do not want to go back to having high-cost energy bills and turning our back on innovation.”
Sheila Gilmore, Labour MP for Edinburgh East, asked whether allowances could be made for people with “photosensitive health conditions”.

She urged the minister to consider the implications on health: “Many people clearly suffer health ill-effects from both compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED lighting.”
Barker said: “The UK is sympathetic to concerns raised about the potential health impacts of lighting.” He promised to press the European Commission to take this view into account in the upcoming review.
“We want a flexible approach. And we want to ensure that the EU takes on board the health concerns that have been raised about these technologies.”