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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Guest Blog : How LEDs are making creative lighting designs easier...

For today's guest blog Megan Chase of offered to write an article about the latest applications for energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) illumination technologies.


Growing uses for LED's

With lighting and technology quickly advancing, the uses for LED lights and LED strip lights are becoming more universally used in many different ways. From creating warmly lit rooms, to use in public places, to an intense color changing desk that intensifies your gaming experience, LED lights are being used in a whole variety of interesting and creative ways.

Street Installations
Now that waterproof LED lights are big on trend, there have been more LED strip light street installations than ever. Uses include being wound around tree trunks, underneath benches and tables, along paving areas, around signs and under canopies. Because LED strip lights are so flexible and easy to use, they are a common favourite for outdoor use. Being used in many places as a eye-catching lighting feature, they not only light up public spaces, but they set a stylish and contemporary scene.

Offices and Businesses
The garish and outdated fluorescent bulbs are quickly being forgotten in offices and are being replaced with a variety of LED lights. Not only are LED lights both more economical and cheaper to run than older bulbs, but they also create a more pleasant and attractive light to work in. Fitted in spaces such as along reception areas, under desks and as cove lighting, they are a stylish lighting option which create a professional first impression for businesses.

Future of LED’s
Because of the clear and multiple benefits of LED’s over ordinary incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, the future of this green lighting solution looks very promising. It is anticipated that they will popping up in all manner of popular places and spaces from white LED lights for doctors surgeries to vibrant colour-changing LED strips for nightclubs. Proving to be high quality, reliable and long lasting, both homes and businesses can benefit from its clever design.

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