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Friday, May 11, 2007

Villagers replace all of their incandescents with CFLs
My thanks to Antony Froggatt for passing on the following news...

A remote moorland village in Staffordshire has become the first community in the UK to replace all its incandescent light bulbs with new energy efficient ones.

Residents of the 30 houses in Ilam, in the Peak District, decided to make the switch in the hope of reducing the village's carbon emissions by around four tonnes a year.

The move came about after a group of bell ringers raised the idea of reinstating an old water turbine as a green source of energy for the village. A local environmental charity, the Marches Energy Agency, suggested taking a broader approach.

Robin Tidman, from the agency, said: "Through experience we have successfully developed our own approach to creating low-carbon communities and so we can help villages like Ilam play their part in tackling climate change.

"We started by working out the carbon footprint - how much energy was being used in Ilam - to check on how much energy was being wasted. The banishment of incandescent bulbs years ahead of the recently announced European Union target is a fantastic achievement for Ilam."

The Government plans to phase out old-fashioned light bulbs in favour of new energy-saving versions by 2011. Funding for the 600 new energy efficient light bulbs was provided by Staffordshire County Council along with the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and the Peak District National Park.

Why not see if your village or community can follow Ilam's example?

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