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Friday, May 11, 2007

Lester Brown's new Plan B 2.0 book backs bulb ban
Lester Brown, a world-leading environmental guru and President of the Earth Policy Institute in the US, has just written a book called Plan B 2.0 which picks up on the Ban The Bulb campaign.

Lester states that...

"Switching light bulbs is an easy way of realizing large, immediate gains in energy efficiency. A study for the U.S. government calculated that the gasoline equivalent of the energy saved over the lifetime of one 24-watt compact fluorescent bulb is sufficient to drive a Prius from New York to San Francisco."

BTB welcomes Lester's support for the Ban The Bulb campaign and hopes that he'll succeed in getting the US to think more seriously about the merits of banning domestic incandescent light bulbs.

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