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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Supermarkets use their carbon footprints to compete
Suddenly, the big supermarkets are competing to convince the public that they are green...

As a result, a significant amount of latent capacity has been unleashed in the strategy, marketing and retailing departments of these powerful agents for social change.

As well as developing new, more prominent, ways of displaying energy saving light bulbs, Wal Mart has said that it wants to sell 100 million CFLs a year and announced plans to install solar panels and wind turbines on their stores in Texas.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of Tesco, Sir Terry Leahy, has announced plans to spend £500 million on reducing the energy use of his stores and to halve the average energy use in all of his company's buildings by 2010.

At the consumer level, Tesco has also said that it will halve the price of the CFLs it sells and aim to have an energy-saving alternative available for every design of incandescent light bulb.

Stuart Rose, the Chief Executive of the Marks and Spencer department store chain has announced a 100-point "eco-plan" for the environment.

This £200 million plan included the development of labels for goods which have been flown in by aeroplane and their making it a priority for the ingredients of ready meals to come from local sources.

Please let me know if you hear of any other supermarkets who are doing something imaginative and potentially significant to reduce their carbon footprint.

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