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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Philips: phasing out incandescents within 10 yrs?
Lighting manufacturer Philips has called for incandescent light bulbs to be phased out within 10 years under the EU eco-design directive.

Philips has suggested that inefficient incandescent light bulbs could be phased out in Europe within 10 years provided that EU governments and other stakeholders worked together.

More specifically, Philips' lighting boss Theo van Deursen recommended that discussions should be held under the EuP or eco-design of energy-using products directive.

This 2005 directive is already legally binding and provides a framework for a series of product-specific eco-standards to be drawn up.

Philips believes that a phase-out must be achieved "collectively" rather than being imposed on manufacturers, whilst environmental organisations have expressed concern about allowing voluntary agreements to determine the standards set under the EUP directive.

Although announced unilaterally, the announcement by Philips appears to be part of a long-running campaign by the lighting sector to promote greater energy efficiency and there are signs that a phased removal of incandescents from the market (as an example of inefficient and needlessly wasteful technology) could find some support among the EU's member states... with Tony Blair announcing in July 06 that the UK government would be seeking to phase-out the most inefficient light bulbs in partnership with other EU governments.

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