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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ontario in Canada considers a light bulb ban...
Ban The Bulb is pleased to see that the enthusiasm for banning incandescent light bulbs is proving contagious...

According to, Ontario in Canada is the latest place to suggest a willingness to get things moving.

Let's just hope that more politicians start to mention how they intend to decide which light bulbs should be banned (and by when!), what they are going to do to ensure that all CFLs are responsibly recycled, how they are going to help the poor to change their lighting, whether any heavily-taxed incandescents are going to remain available for specialist purposes, which other wasteful technologies they would like to get banned and/or which other energy-efficient technologies they would like to help get established...

Ontario is impressed by Australia's decision to ban old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.

The province is in the midst of drawing up plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions and Environment Minister Laurel Broten says the government hasn't ruled out following in Australia's footsteps.

She said banning incandescent bulbs is just one of many great ideas being put forward.

Australia announced Tuesday it will ban incandescent light bulbs in three years, estimating the move to fluorescent bulbs will cut 800,000 tonnes from the country's current emissions levels by 2012.

Premier Dalton McGuinty says replacing older energy-draining bulbs across the province with more efficient ones could help Ontario shut down its coal-fired power plants.

Among Canadian groups pushing for a move to fluorescent bulbs is the not-for-profit organization One Change in Ottawa.

The group has the backing of Hydro Ottawa and has replaced 250,000 bulbs in Ottawa. Similar campaigns are underway in Whitehorse, Guelph and Thunder Bay.

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