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Sunday, July 30, 2006

House of Commons : Early Day Motion
Ban The Bulb's local MP, Dr Evan Harris, has kindly tabled the following Early Day Motion on behalf of the BTB campaign.

Please ask your MP to give their support to this EDM ("petition" for MPs).

You can find your local MP's contact details by visiting the Write to Them website.

EDM 2656:

That this House notes the problems raised by increasing energy demands, including rising energy costs, reduced energy security and climate change; recognises that improved energy efficiency is the cheapest way for the UK to reduce energy demand + carbon dioxide emissions; welcomes the Ban the Bulb campaign, which aims to increase the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs; and calls on the Government to help main-stream energy efficient lifestyles by

(i) granting energy saving goods + services the same 5% VAT rate as condoms,

(ii) strengthening UK building regulations and

(iii) making energy efficiency a key criteria in all Government procurement.

It took the signatures of 69 MPs to reduce the VAT rate on condoms to the minumum rate permitted by EU rules...

UPDATE: In an interview with Roger Harrabin following the publication of the UK's Energy Review of the Energy White Paper originally published in 2003, Tony Blair said that he would be asking the EU to consider an EU-wide ban of domestic incandescent light bulbs.