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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ban The Bulb: Campaign Proposals...
1. To use the tax system to discourage wasteful energy use.

A £1 tax on every incandescent light bulb would help to increase the uptake of environmentally friendly technologies, and allow light bulb prices to include more of the environmental costs associated with wasting energy and burning fossil fuels.

Waiving this tax on energy-efficient lightbulbs would also encourage the uptake of existing technologies and drive further innovation.

Should a single-rate tax on all incandescent bulbs not be possible, one alternative might be to charge a tax of 1p on each watt of light. Under such a scheme a 20W bulb would incur a 20p charge on top of it's sales price, a 40W bulb would incur a 40p charge and a 100W bulb would cost an extra £1.

This pence-per-watt scheme would have the advantage that it proportionately charged those who used the most energy and discouraged the use of lots of short-lived light bulbs, but the disadvantage that it charged less to those who used halogen bulbs (which generally have a low wattage).

2.To support the use of energy-efficient light bulbs.

Any revenue generated by taxing wasteful light bulbs should be put towards subsidising the price of energy-efficient light bulbs, and supporting other energy saving programmes.

3. Phase out and ban incandescent light bulbs

To promote the phasing out and banning of 60W, 100W as an easy first steps, with other designs being phased out as appropriate alternative designs become available.

See the full list of campaign goals on the homepage.

What you can do!

1. Ask your local shops to stock energy-efficient light bulbs.

2. Try an energy-efficient light bulb the next time you buy a bulb.

3. Support the phasing out, and eventual banning, of wasteful incandescent light bulbs!

4. Write to your member of parliament/congress and ask for energy efficiency to be given a greater priority.